Welcome to Koonce Custom Gunworks in Salem, Oregon. 503-364-0100

Koonce Custom Gunworks, LLC is a full service gunsmithing shop located in Salem Oregon. KCG has been serving the Willamette Valley and beyond since 2008.

Todd Koonce is an avid shooter, hunter and outdoorsman who brings his love of all things firearms into the shop. After furthering his taste of firearms working the counter of a local pawn shop, Todd moved to Denver to attend the Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing School in 2007.

Upon graduation and moving back to Oregon, Todd opened Koonce Custom Gunworks, LLC, serving the firearms community and specializing in firearms customization, rifle building and one-off parts fabrication.


  1. Do you have any extractors for a Wyoming Arms 40 or 10 mm ?


  2. Todd, I am looking for a competent person to work on my old Colt model 1851. Can you help me? If not, is there someone you trust that you would recommend? Thanks in advance for getting back to me.
    Regards, Norm Galvin, 541-829-2110, Corvallis

  3. Jerry Quint says:

    Todd do you still have the ejectors for the laiser aim 45 acp. need one if you do

  4. Daniel Boudreaux says:

    I have a Laseraim 1911 .45 acp that has no ejector, I’m finding it difficult to find one.

  5. Edward J. Palumbo says:

    Mr. Koonce,
    I have a Model 1909 Argentine Mauser manufactured by DWM. The bolt handle projects to the right at a 90 degree angle and I’d like to replace it with a downswept Talley carbon steel handle (now in my possession) that will permit mounting a scope on the receiver.
    My question: Can you properly weld the new bolt handle in position?
    Ed Palumbo, Ph: 503-612-9459 (H), 503-709-2325 (Cell)

  6. Dan Franck says:

    Todd..I have a Winchester 94, 30-30, that needs re bluing. Is this a service you do or, if not, do you have a name of someone who does? I’m in the Vancouver, WA. area

  7. Would like to know if you could help me with the following: Striping/bluing of my M44 Mosin Carbine. And creating a rifle hand-grip stock for a magnum judge along with great optic to mount on it.

  8. Todd,
    My Wife, Kelly will be by tomorrow the 6th and I have a set of Kimber (Meprolight) tritium site that need to be put in and bore sighted. Please give me a call at 503-956-5650 if you have any questions. Also, we would like to keep the Kimber sights in the Kimber package. Thank you in advance for your time.

    Best regards,


  9. Denis Miller says:

    can you handle installation of appropriate tritium sights on slide of Para Ord. P 12? Trijicon lists at least one set.

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